“According to UNAIDS, sexual transmission accounts for over 80% of all new HIV infections worldwide.

HIV/AIDS prevention remains a focus of my work, as I continue to be intrigued by this epidemic that is perpetuated by the innate desire we all have to be close to one another.”

International Sexual & Reproductive Health Consultant

Innovative Condom  Education • Menstrual Hygiene Management & SRH Communications

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Joy Lynn Alegarbes is a sexual and reproductive health consultant specializing in HIV/AIDS prevention • condom education • menstrual hygiene management • and sexual health communications, with a focus in social media.  She is Master Trainer for The CONDOMIZE! Campaign, which utilizes arts-based techniques to facilitate condom destigmatization and educate communities about the benefits of condoms beyond prevention.  Joy Lynn is also Director of Community for Huru International, giving girls in resource-constrained settings the freedom to stay in school through access to reusable sanitary pad kits and live-saving education.  

A member of the Condom Inter-Agency Task Team and Female Condom Technical Resource Team, Joy Lynn has served on the Trojan Sexual Health Advisory Council and the Board of Directors for the Joey DiPaolo AIDS Foundation.  During her tenure as Director of Global Operations for The Condom Project, Joy Lynn developed and facilitated culturally specific safer sex workshops and established condom distribution programs throughout Africa, Asia and Europe.  Her All About Condoms workshops are currently available in 10 languages.  

Joy Lynn holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University and a Masters Degree in Public Health, with a Specialization in Social and Behavioral Sciences. She has appeared on television educating viewers throughout North America, Africa and Asia and has contributed to articles on sexuality in numerous publications, including The New York Times and The Washington Post.  Joy Lynn works closely with individuals in the deaf, blind and deafblind communities and continues to strive to make all of her work accessible worldwide.  

Joy Lynn lives in New York City, and eating is her absolute favorite pastime.  A wine aficionado and mixology enthusiast, she loves to collect unique snacks, drinks and recipes during her travels around the world.  When in NYC, she can often be spotted walking her foster rabbits through parks in Greenwich Village and people-watching from the living room window with her 3-legged cat, Easel James.